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I like creating stories of the mind, from the heart, from the imagination. I tell stories in words, pictures and films.

NASA photo shows life on Mars
MugshotsSatire & Fun

Stunning creatures. Scientists have never seen anything like it, on the new photos published by NASA of life on Mars.

Jesus loved to have sex with women
MugshotsSatire & Fun

Jesus was happy to have sex with Mary Magdalene, we know that, and those two loving persons had some beautiful children thanks to the man's divine cock and the woman's heavenly pussy.

New intern for Danish Foreign Minister
MugshotsSatire & Fun

The Danish children's foreign minister, Couch Kofoed, is a happy man these days.

"Yes, I have a new intern, so now it's a bit more fun to work 'hard' through the day", he says in an official statement to Bogtime.

"Sara is just a beautiful girl, you know - well done shape with most lovely long, blonde hair. A good firm buttocks, slim thighs and a good pair of attributes, - quite frankly a couple of amazing tits", says Couch Kofoed with a dreamy expression in his face.

"But the best part is, she's so interested in politics! That kind of girl I like the best. It's not just about looks, you have to be able to talk to each other as two grown up adults."

15-year-old Sara goes to school in Copenhagen, but the family originally comes from Esbjerg, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs previously has had great experiences with sweet interns.

Danish PM Mette Frederiksen buys mink fur
MugshotsSatire & Fun

The Danish mink breeders rejoice. Mette Wuns Frederiksen has invested a 5-digit amount of kroners and has bought this luxury fur from the devastated mink industry.

"My propaganda boys told me to buy this fur, after the brave mink breeders by an unfortunate accident slaughtered all their animals," Mette Wuns speaks out to Bogtime.

"But to be completely honest. This is not about politics. Try to feel how soft this is? It has always been my great desire to get a mink coat, - it feels so delicious against the skin. In fact, I have dreamed of getting a coat ever since I was a match girl in Aalborg."

Danish Prime Minister Mette Wuns does not want to disclose what she has paid for the mink coat. But sources estimate that this is a 5-digit amount. A big day for Danish mink breeding.

Peaceful demonstration corona restriction Denmark, Aarhus
DocumentaryReal Life

Peaceful demonstration on corona restrictions in Aarhus, Denmark. On Saturday 30 January, several hundred people gathered at the Town Hall Square in Aarhus, Denmark, for a demonstration. A mixed bunch of young and old who agree being tired of government restrictions due to the corona. Similar demonstrations are taking place not only elsewhere in Denmark, but also around Europe.

Butterfly Caught One

She knew the art of sexual satisfaction from the elevated perspective on butterflies.

Naked in the forrest

It was the king's hunting ground.

How to be happy City Clown in the streets of Aarhus

Video about three clowns in the city of Aarhus, sharing happiness and joy in hard times of covid-19.

How to Slapstick Bootcamp in Denmark

This is one of their workshops, a Slapstick Bootcamp. Street Performing Arts Association wants to bring life to the streets of Aarhus through street performance. Enjoy!

Covid-19 Victory! Every mink killed by PM Mette Frederiksen
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

Danish PM Mette Frederiksen has successfully won the battle against covid-19. She just killed all Danish mink in a horrific battle with no prisoners. Bare handed, and with a deadly weapon of mass destruction in hand, the brave woman killed the bastards.Satire from Bogtime: Queen kills all mink in Denmark. Satire with Mette Frederiksen, premiere minister, and Hollywood star Jason Statham.

Satire: The Big Tech will save you! No worry, it is Bogtime
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

The Big companies will save you! When life is though, they will make you choose the right path. No worry!

Thank you Marc Zuccerberg for reviewing this non-factual piece of fiction, called satire.
Thanks for censoring our questionable freedom and our right to choose life.

Collage Film Ambiorn Happy
Thank you Big Business

Create better video with more cameras
PhotographyBehind the Scenes

The Danish, we invented visual freedom, the liberty to speak as a photographer. You know the story, 1969, Man arriving on Moon and Porn splashing out on Planet Earth. We did that, the Danes.

But of course, the freedom to express yourself visually can be used for at lot of things. You can sell landry machines, furniture, rebellion, small things you didn't know you needed. And stories of all kinds.

So now you've chosen what to sell, here are the fundamental things to do, if you want to create a video in 2 minutes.

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