Danish Storyteller
Monday 25'th of January 2021 • 18:35

Danish Storyteller

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Ambiorn Happy, storyteller

I like creating stories of the mind, from the heart, from the imagination. I tell stories in words, pictures and films.

Naked in the forrest
PhotographyNude Model

It was the king's hunting ground.

How to be happy City Clown in the streets of Aarhus

Video about three clowns in the city of Aarhus, sharing happiness and joy in hard times of covid-19.

Satire: Queen kills all mink in Mink Attack!
Collage FilmSatire

Satire from Bogtime: Queen kills all mink in Denmark. Satire with Mette Frederiksen, premiere minister, and Hollywood star Jason Statham.

Satire: The Big Tech will save you! No worry, it is Bogtime
Collage FilmSatire

The Big companies will save you! When life is though, they will make you choose the right path. No worry!

Thank you Marc Zuccerberg for reviewing this non-factual piece of fiction, called satire.
Thanks for censoring our questionable freedom and our right to choose life.

Collage Film Ambiorn Happy
Thank you Big Business
Music Bensound.com

Create better video with more cameras
PhotographyBehind the Scenes

The Danish, we invented visual freedom, the liberty to speak as a photographer. You know the story, 1969, Man arriving on Moon and Porn splashing out on Planet Earth. We did that, the Danes.

But of course, the freedom to express yourself visually can be used for at lot of things. You can sell landry machines, furniture, rebellion, small things you didn't know you needed. And stories of all kinds.

So now you've chosen what to sell, here are the fundamental things to do, if you want to create a video in 2 minutes.

Butterfly Caught One
PhotographyNude Model

She knew the art of sexual satisfaction from the elevated perspective on butterflies.

Butterfly Caught Two
PhotographyNude Model

She learned to be silent as a butterfly fixed to lust and desires.

In Hiding and Waiting
PhotographyNude Model

She observed the person without revealing a sound.

Attached to It
PhotographyNude Model

She could not let go of it. The feeling of hope.

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