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New intern for Danish Foreign Minister

Satire & Fun © Finn Storm

Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod just got lucky with this new beautiful intern.

The Social Democrats have found a new intern for Denmark's Foreign Minister Couch Kofoed, the only 15-year-old Sara. The girl is from Copenhagen, and is in 9th grade.

The Danish children's foreign minister, Couch Kofoed, is a happy man these days.

"Yes, I have a new intern, so now it's a bit more fun to work 'hard' through the day", he says in an official statement to Bogtime.

"Sara is just a beautiful girl, you know - well done shape with most lovely long, blonde hair. A good firm buttocks, slim thighs and a good pair of attributes, - quite frankly a couple of amazing tits", says Couch Kofoed with a dreamy expression in his face.

"But the best part is, she's so interested in politics! That kind of girl I like the best. It's not just about looks, you have to be able to talk to each other as two grown up adults."

15-year-old Sara goes to school in Copenhagen, but the family originally comes from Esbjerg, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs previously has had great experiences with sweet interns.

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