Danish Storyteller
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1. Nude Model


Nude Model Photography

Close to nature
PhotographyNude Model

She could breathe.

Naked in the forrest
PhotographyNude Model

It was the king's hunting ground.

Picture Perfect
PhotographyNude Model

Something about picture perfect: One is easily framed.

Future is a white board
PhotographyNude Model

So many thoughts not yet born. Future is like a white board, empty. Awaiting.

The Thought
PhotographyNude Model

Something just slipped her mind. She could almost feel it. The breeze of a thought.

Butterfly Caught One
PhotographyNude Model

She knew the art of sexual satisfaction from the elevated perspective on butterflies.

Butterfly Caught Two
PhotographyNude Model

She learned to be silent as a butterfly fixed to lust and desires.

In Hiding and Waiting
PhotographyNude Model

She observed the person without revealing a sound.

Seeing It All Clearly
PhotographyNude Model

Suddenly she saw a movement.

Attached to It
PhotographyNude Model

She could not let go of it. The feeling of hope.

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