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What a Royal Theater #MeToo is: 35-year-old choreographer hunted to death

Story by Ambiorn Happy • Saturday 17'th of April 2021

35-year-old British choreographer Liam Scarlett has died. After been driven out into the swamp by the unworthy carnivores of the #MeToo movement. The man was world-renowned as an artist, but rumour of a desire for expressiv communication about sex tore him to pieces.

Investigations showed that the man had done nothing criminal, but he was still fired, blacklisted and expelled because he was "wrong" in relation to the puritanism of the time which flourish from shallow SoMe-minds unable to handle personal responsibility nor perseverance.

35-years old choreographer Liam Scarlett hunted to death by cruel #MeToo movement.

After being #MeToo-fired from the Royal Ballet in London last year, he was #MeToo-fired yesterday from Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen because someone once probably thought maybe or maybe not he was a little too persistent in his communication for some years ago. Not being a criminal, but then again "too much" for a weak boy to handle. And he might have been, I don't now, but that's no fucking reason to throw people on the bonfire.

Today he is reported dead. Hunted into the bog by the terrible #MeToo witch hunt, which is managed by bloodless neopuritans with neither balls nor heart.

Rest in peace my friend, and shame on the impudent #MeToo movement.

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