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Monday 26'th of July 2021 kl. 01:05

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German sex in the garage

Story by Ambiorn Happy • Saturday 17'th of April 2021

I met her on a vacation in Thailand. Asian. Small, hot and chubby. We had sex on the beach while the moon shone in the lazy waves of the sea. Became happy for each other. I took her with me back and we got married when we landed at the airport. Drove her home from the wedding in my beloved AMG63. Chalk white. It is a powerful german machine, and it shows people that I have done well in catering. Park in front of the garage and carry her over the doorstep of my villa.

As soon as we close the front door in the hallway, I take her clothes off and love her deeply until I cum in her mouth. She laughs and licks sperm drops ... read approx. 3 pages more.

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