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Monday 26'th of July 2021 kl. 01:14

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Can I have your body?

Story by Ambiorn Happy • Wednesday 14'th of April 2021

Disappointed with my new body, number 3 in a row since I got old and burnt out by cancer, then stabbed in the chest one night by my butler, mister Orvald. The doctors fixed me up, filled more blood in the boiler, but the cancer they could not save me from.

Therefore, I forgave my butler, or at least I focused on saving myself. That night I switched body with a young girl who was all too sad to live.

But I did not feel comfortable in that depressed body of hers, even though she was young and out of a rich family, and I enjoyed touching my naked body in the night, carefully exploring the sensations in my breasts and... read approx. 9 pages more.

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