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Ambiorn Happy, Danish Artist.
Wednesday 30'th of November 2022 • Week of 49

Satire wants to make fun of our shortcomings

Happy, Danish Artist

Satire is usually humorous, but the goal of satire is greater than a good laugh - satire aims to make a constructive social criticism. Sometimes it is political or personal, but often the criticism is more general.

You will find satire in images, texts, stage art. As memes on the internet, in literature, plays, commentaries, music, movies and TV shows. Here the satire exposes our vices and follies. It makes fun of our faults and shortcomings. Often the satire uses strong irony or sarcasm, parody, crude and flat humor, exaggerations, comparisons and analogies.

Satire wants to make fun of our shortcomings

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Satire are found in memes on the internet, in litterature, plays, commentaris, music, movis and TV show. Satire from Danish Artist Ambiorn Happy.

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Satire wants to make fun of our shortcomings

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