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Make BETTER video with more cameras | Happy Photography

My name is Ambiorn Happy, I do photography in the northern part of Europa, Denmark, Kingdom of Denmark. The Danish, we invented visual freedom, the liberty to speak as a photographer. You know the story, 1969, man arriving on Moon and Porn splashing out on Planet Earth. We did that, the Danes.

But of course, the freedom to express yourselv visually can be used for at lot of things. You can sell landry machines, furniture, rebellion, small things you didn't know you needed. And pussies of course, lots of pussy.

So now you've chosen what to sell, and you want to make a video. Here are the fundamental things to do, if you want to create a video in 2 minuttes.

You'll be needing a microphone. Soud is everything. It's basic. Bad sound will destroy your vision. You'll go blind, take care.

Good sound, three cameras. That's it. You're set to go.

Contact phographer in Aarhus, Denmark, Ambiorn Happy.